Affiliate Program

Recommend our service and get a fair reward for each new customer! The affiliate program does not oblige you to do anything and you can choose your own course of action.

affiliate program

You get a fair reward for each new customer

If you implement a website for your customers or they otherwise need web hosting services, recommend us! You can also make recommendations on social media, your website and your acquaintances. We pay a one-time commission of up to 50% on all our Web hotels and WordPress Web hotels for each referral leading to your order. The commission is paid for the part of the order’s 1st billing period.

You will receive a partner link from us that you can add to your site. If your recommendation results in an order within 30 days, we will pay a fee. If you wish, you can also do more active sales work. If the order is not placed through the affiliate link, ask us to add a commission to your affiliate account.

Why become an affiliate?

A fair reward


We pay as much as 50% of the one-time fee for each new customer for the first billing period of the order.



The partnership does not oblige you to do anything. You can make a recommendation the way you want (on a website, for your client, on social media) and as much as you want. You also don’t need to have your own web host from us.



From your affiliate account, you can track your transactions in real time: clicks, orders, conversions, and most importantly, accrued commissions.

Join the Affiliate program

Fill in your information on the form to become our partner. We will provide you with the necessary information, instructions and materials by e-mail to activate your partner account.

Frequently asked Questions

For each new customer order, you will receive a one-time refund of 50% of the portion of the first billing period. For example, if a customer orders a web host for a 12-month billing period based on your recommendation for 10 euros / month, you will receive a commission of 60 euros! Compensation is also paid for our largest web hotels and there is no maximum for earnings.

You will provide us with an affiliate link that you can link to your site or otherwise pass on to your customer. The affiliate link installs a cookie on the user’s machine that is valid for 30 days. The fee is automatically accrued to you for an order placed during this time. If the affiliate link is not used, you can ask us to increase the fee.

No need. You can be our partner, even if you do not have our own services. Fees cannot be paid directly to an individual. In this case, we can refund the fees for your own services.

When the amount of the fee exceeds 50 euros, you can request a settlement from your partner account.

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