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We offer you a website of two dimensions, for which you provide the content and we produce the pages ready for your use. The page will have the images and logo you provide, the texts and the colour scheme you choose.

Delivery time maximum 14 days!

Price from €150

Homepages with your company's colours

You provide the content, we make the page ready

In the future, you can update the page yourself

Our references

E-full - full suspension bike

We made a one-page introduction page for the full suspension bike. The site is easy to expand as needed.

VMH Autohuolto Oy

The auto repair shop in Jyväskylä needed a simple website where the customer can see the services and contact information quickly.


The light board manufacturer from Lempäälä wanted to transfer the homepage to our secure servers, and at the same time we produced the pages with WordPress. Ask for an offer!

See the demos of the homepages

150 €

VAT 0 %

350 €

VAT 0 %

Order the homepage like this:

Minimum total cost in the first year: website 150 € + web hotel + 26,76 € + possible fi-domain purchase 15 € = 191,76 € (VAT 0%)

In the second year, web hosting 106.80 € + domain annual fee 15 € = 121,80  € (VAT 0%)

Material to be delivered

Images and logo


Provide the images and your company logo (not necessary) in jpg, png or pdf format. Minimum pixel width 2000 px. We process the images to make them suitable for the site. If the demo has a landscape image, please provide a landscape image in that section. Give clear instructions on where to use which image.



Write the texts according to the example texts in the demos. The demos give instructions on what to write on the page. Keep the texts either the length of the texts of the demo or along with what is in the demo. is instructed in the section.

Company colours


Send us your company’s color codes, e.g. # or rgb colors. If necessary, also give us instructions on where you want to use which color. If your company does not have colors, you can choose the colors that suit you from four different color sets. Go to choose colors.

Order form

Deliver the material all at the same time to anninkotisivukone@domain247.fi